Chiropractic Care for Children


There are growing number of parents who are considering chiropractic care as support to their children's healthcare needs. As a matter of fact, the American Chiropractic Association or ACA has reported a survey showing that there is at least 8.5 percent increase in chiropractic patients under 17 years old. Also, a study made by CDC stated that nearly 3 percent of children in the US receive treatment via chiropractic osteopathic manipulation.


Because of this, chiropractic is the most common kind of alternative medicine applied by children. Experts even agree that chiropractic care could be useful for children who are suffering spine related issues. Similar to adults, chiropractic care is beneficial for children by doing spinal adjustments and manipulation.


On the other hand, Smith Chiropractic care must work as complementary treatment to the regular pediatric care. You ought to know that chiropractic care is effective and it really shows results but, in order for this to happen, it has to work together with pediatrician's treatment. The pediatrician might prescribe certain medication for specific conditions and treat patients for more serious injuries and illnesses. Pediatric chiropractor however is instrumental in delivering preventative, supportive wellness care and at the same time, alternative treatment.


There are studies indicating that chiropractic care could help children with different common conditions starting from bedwetting and colic, ear infections and asthma. In addition to this, it can help in alleviating neck and back pain. Studies have been done to be able to find out both the effectiveness and value of pediatric chiropractic care. Such studies showed positive results, focused on conditions aside from musculoskeletal and include problems like enuresis, tonsillitis, hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder, colic and asthma. Learn more benefits of chiropractic care for children now.


In case of ADHD, chiropractors show results via alternative approach to treatment that is more focused on lifestyle, postural muscle adjustments and nutrition as opposed to traditional medication. This is not a small gain given the fact how prevalent prescription medications are. The widespread use of medications in order to deal with ADHD stirs controversy. Some skeptics have pointed to link between several disabled children in schools as well as the amount of fund that the school gets. Get more facts about , check this video at


Chiropractic care offer non-invasive and holistic approach that is centered on underlying issues that a child might be experiencing and not only treating the surface. Chiropractic neurologists on the other hand are identifying the part of brain that needs correction and then, they seek treatment approaches that will help in addressing and correcting the problem.

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